By Post


You can still enter on-line (until Friday)

or  in person at Ready Steady Store on Wheatley Hall Road


2 thoughts on “By Post

  1. Hi I’m interested in doing the Santa’s dash would was thinking of donating to cash for kids charity can I do this or does it have to be one on the list.?


    • Lindsey, you can enter raise funds for whoever you like. All the list means is that your entry fee will go to that charity (on the list). We get many people who want to come and enjoy the day and the atmosphere and raise personal sponsorship for their own cause. It would be nice though if you managed to raise hundreds of pounds for your kids charity if you could (after the event) drop us a line to say how much you have raised. It is important for us that we can demonstrate to the event sponsors and local businesses how much of a benefit to local charities the Santa Dash has been. We want to support as many local charities as possible.

      I hope this helps?


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